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Diet Plan

Dietitians Are The Recognized Food and Nutrition Professionals!

At P.H Medical Centre our dietitian, will work with you to create your own nutrition plan based on your goals. our dietitian will begin with a personal nutrition assessment, as well a social assessment. She will assess the foods you typically eat and take into consideration your work and home dynamics in order to form a plan that meets your goals. Nutrition goals are never the same for any one person and neither should your nutrition plan be.

Our dietitian will consider all of the following during your first counseling session, in order to provide a nutritional assessment for you:

  • A dietary assessment, including eating habits
  • A lifestyle assessment, including physical activity and the type of work you do
  • A medical history, including any medical conditions you may have
  • Any medications you take

Our dietitian will work with you to achieve:

  • A plan of attainable goals formulated in conjunction with you
  • A plan on how to achieve your goals so that they are a part of your lifestyle
  • Involvement of your family (if possible) in order to allow them be a part of your support
  • Educating you, supporting you, and motivating you through your nutritional journey

During the assessment, Our dietitian will work with you in setting nutritional goals that are attainable and appropriate for you. Our dietitian will provide an evaluation of your current dietary habits and let you know what you are doing well as well as let you know where there is some room for improvement. Our dietitian can suggest an intake of different foods, modify recipes, suggest healthier take-out options, provide recipes, suggest different behaviour modification techniques, or provide nutritional treatment in line with your other health care providers. Our dietitian will always do this in a professional manner and treat you with care and respect.

After the first assessment, Our dietitian will make an appointment with you for a follow-up session, in order to evaluate how you are progressing towards the goals that were established in your first session. Our dietitian will reinforce any positive changes you have made and continue to work with you towards your goals, providing ongoing encouragement and suggestions. Our dietitian will also investigate any barriers you may come across in your quest to reach your goals and provide helpful advice to overcome them.

Our dietitian can also provide advice on the following:

  • Healthy grocery shopping
  • Appropriate serving sizes and food groups
  • Healthy snacks
  • Healthy recipes


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