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Body Fat Analyzer

Why is it important to monitor body fat percentage?

Measuring weight alone is not a completely accurate assessment of health or fitness because it doesn't distinguish pounds that come from fat and pounds that come from lean muscle mass. Everyone needs some body fat, but too much fat results in obesity

Are there any illnesses directly linked to obesity?

Obesity is directly linked with Diabetes Type II and hypertension, and is a contributing risk factor for many other conditions including heart disease, sleep disorders, arthritis, gall bladder disease, stroke, and several forms of cancer.

Is it possible to have too little body fat?

Yes. Both extremes--too much or too little body fat--put an individual at risk for serious medical and/or psychological conditions. Having a very low body fat percentage, particularly for women, can result in musculoskeletal problems and osteoporosis. And it can upset the hormonal balance causing loss of menstruation.

Are there optimal conditions for determining body fat percentage?

  • Select a consistent time of day, and stick to it.
  • With an empty bladder
  • When normally hydrated
  • Unclean foot pads may interfere with conductivity.
  • Nylons interfere with conductivity. If it is absolutely necessary to measure in nylons, use a drop of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol on the foot pads to act as a conductor.
  • Early morning is not recommended because the body is often dehydrated after a night's sleep. Once you have established your baseline, monitor body fat about twice a month. Checking body fat more frequently is not beneficial as changes occur slowly over time.

Things that can affect hydration include:

  • Strenuous exercise
  • Recent food intake
  • Diuretics such as caffeine, alcohol, certain medications

What conditions might cause skewed results or an "Error" reading in the display?

  • Hydration fluctuations which may result from alcohol or food consumption, sleep, intense exercise, medication or pre-menstruation.
  • A very full bladder.
  • Severe calluses on heels or soles of feet (about 1/400 people tested).

What are the Body Fat ranges for children?
Appropriate body fat ranges for children under eighteen have not been universally established at this time. Physiological changes during childhood, especially during puberty make it difficult to establish universal body fat ranges for all children. Tanita's recommendation is to consult your family physician if you are concerned about your child's body fat percentage.

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