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P.H.Medical Centre

PH Medical Centre is steadfast in the delivery of affordable services that are technologically appropriate, with emphasis on quality, innovation and health promotion. As a forerunner in the healthcare industry, PH Medical centre strongly supports the government's initiative to boost health tourism. Our centre is aggressively promoting its medical packages, services and facilities abroad and has targeted tourists from South East Asia, the Middle East, Europe and USA.

PH Medical Centre is an exclusive centre designed with a patient-friendly ambience to create the ideal setting for patients undergoing a diagnosis or medical check up. All examinations are conducted in private screening rooms for your privacy.

With patient convenience and comfort in mind, the centre is able to conduct medical tests and furnish a complete medical report for interpretation by a Doctor within a turnaround time of 4 hours.

The surroundings and personal attention at the PH Medical Centre remind our clients more of a five-star resort than a medical center. All the procedures you request are arranged for you in advance. From the Center's personal amenities to the caliber and attitude of the professional medical staff—from the personally prepared meals to the transportation to specialized appointments—we think you'll find them all superb.

With our unique packages and same-day results, you'll appreciate the ease and efficiency offered by our Centre. As a leader in the early detection of serious illnesses, we have the expertise and motivation to provide you with the comprehensive testing and attention you need.

The centerpiece of Western Suburbs, PH Medical Centre as a commanding presence in diagnosis. Located nearby a range of full-service hotels, convention facilities, PH Medical Centre is also only twenty minutes from Mumbai International Airport and just ten minutes from the Domestic Airport.



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